Undo changes done previously via API update request

Is there any ShapeDiver API request to undo an update done on parameter changes (not regarding camera angles) ?
I understand that storing user’s previous actions as some sort of array or list and traverse backwards would serve the same purpose in a web dev environment, but I’m just curious if such feature is considered in SD’s roadmap since it would also be an pretty useful feature for users that solely rely on the native platform without backend or API access?

I see. Thanks for the explanation!

My apologies for the earlier incorrect answer. After some digging I realised that we actually have API calls to undo and redo parameter changes. There are four functions:

The first two check if it’s possible to undo or redo from the current state, the last two actually do the undo or redo operation.

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Thanks a lot @pavol This is really helpful!

Hi @henrysayhitou @pavol
How to create a tool that can be used with number slider, undo and Redo