Undesired Global Stretch

Seems to me something’s wrong in the gif below. This extrusion – a 1 rail sweep of a profile curve around a rectangle to create an architectural moulding – has developed vertical members that are narrower than the horizontals. (Maybe it was accidentally stretched in one dimension.) Below I’m attempting to stretch a vertical to the right width, but instead of stretching along the stretch axis only (which is desired here and should be the result, I believe) it’s stretching the entire object. Suggestions?

if you show as just a bit more from that construction (talk about a file) instead of some wires it might be easier to give you some suggestions. for now my best guess would be to turn on solid points with SolidPtOn then select the relevent points and use Scale1D on. there is also that command Stretch but that is i believe a buggy command which does not fully work but try them. recommended would be to use the input curves and rebuild but that depends on your actual geometry and how it was built.

Thanks but it’s a polysurface and pts doesn’t work.

SolidPtOn is meant for exactly this.

just to be sure,

there is a difference between PointsOn and SolidPtOn.

I don’t quite understand what do you need but, using Ctrl+ Shift and drag instead of Stretch?

Thankyou encephalon. That’s really handy to know. It makes what I’m trying to do possible. (But I don’t understand why stretch doesn’t. Maybe it’s got something to do with tolerance.)

I wonder what the advantage is to having separate points activation for these two types of object.

Thanks! I must have missed or forgotten the tutorial on that command. That’s even better. And it doesn’t care if the object is closed or not.

Stretch is not a good tool, it is not implemented properly and was left half way done from what i have read quite a while ago. so best would be to avoid that.

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@DiegoKrause suggestion is called subselection its pretty handy yes. also works on objects which are part of a group. works on surface edges and faces.

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Also try Scale1D, ScaleNU or ScaleByPlane. Note that ScaleByPlane has options for several different methods of specifying the plane.

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