Underwater Render

Hi everyone!
I’ve a quite difficult (I think) problem to solve: I’ve to render an underwater scene made with Rhino 6 and I don’t know where to start from. In this scene there is a sort of tunnel made of glass inside a “vertical pool” and I’d like to make a render from the point of view of the tunnel. The light from the top of this pool.
As you can see in this img the purple element is the tunnel I was talking about, while the green one is the pool (which is not trasparent from outside).

I hope I have been clear enough!:sweat_smile:
Thank you in advance,

I don’t know about V-Ray, but maybe something like this? View from inside a quick piped helix curve set to a glass material, and a water surface with displacement applied for waves. I didn’t do a complex set of surfaces for the helix pipe to go through, but the basin is a solid with a very light-blue-green color. Camera looks up.

To set up your perspective view such that it is inside your tube use _Camera with Perspective view active, and select to show it.

Then in other views you can grab camera viewpoint or target point and adjust their locations so that your perspective view shows from the correct location and angle.

All the materials already come with Rhino 6 and 7. In Rhino 6 you get this result using Raytraced display mode, in Rhino 7 both that display mode and the _Render command.

Is the green pool wall concrete and not transparent, right? You are inside the blue/violet tunnel? I think the key is to set the surface normal right for the tunnel. Use the command _dir and check the direction. The arrow should show in direction of the air (inward).

Assign a glass material to the tunnel. Since it is faster to calculate if you don’t use to much real surfaces like glass+water, I would use only one surface and set the IOR 1.33 (water). So, you should get a tunnel with air inside and water outside. Your could test how it looks if you enable fog at the glass material.

Waves are need at the top water surface only. I would try bump for waves first. If it doesn’t look good enough, I would add a low frequency wave displacement, but per Rhino displacement.