Understanding the Rhino Software Process

Would someone be able to tell me whether or not this is this correct?

Rhino tools are a combination of functions, variables and data structures encapsulated by objects. The instructions (code) that express these tools are written in C++, a programming language that uses object-oriented paradigms. Objects are created by a program-code-template called a class using subroutines (or constructors). The class provides initial values for member variables and implementation of member functions (all information needed for a tool to perform). Variables can be defined by a Rhino user entering values or selecting options in the GUI (typically the command line). An object may be varied in a number of ways, each realised variation of that object is an instance, for example the ‘Extrude’ tool is an object type and the specific application of the tool ‘ExtrdueCrvTappered’ is the role of an instance. A process is the execution of an instance or the concurrent execution of multiple instances. In the Rhino process, a simple tool such as ‘Hide’ creates a single instance while a more complex tool such as ‘DivideSurface’ creates multiple instances.

The first part is ok. The part that starts at ‘An object may be varied’ is not. At all. Sorry :confused:

Thanks. no worries

How would you rephrase it?