Understanding "Geometry Import" Shapediver Component with Karamba

I am trying to use the “Geometry Import” Shapediver Component to let a user upload a dxf file with just lines and use those lines in the “line to beam” component in Karamba. (I also have a second “geometry import” for the support points). It seems that Shapediver recognizes the lines enough to “pipe” them and perform other component commands, but not “line to beam.” Is the issue because of how dxf files are read in “Geometry Import” and they aren’t really lines like Karamba reads them? Or because Karamba can’t run if nothing is plugged in initially so it doesn’t even try to run? (I have incorporated Karamba in Shapediver for previous projects and have a general knowledge of the plugin.)
Thank you for the clarification.

You can import both points for supports and lines for beams with DXF for further analysis with Karamba3D on ShapeDiver. Any polylines have to be exploded in order to look for intersections with Line-Line Intersection before feeding them to Line To Beam component, check Karamba examples for more.

In this example, referencing of a local file is only for testing. You can set a default DXF file after uploading the definition to ShapeDiver so there is always a default result when you open the model.


Thank you, Pavol! It works! The “Clean Tree” component made all the difference.