Undable to create brep from box?!

Hi Philipp,

A couple of things:

  • If I understood your code correctly, you are trying to planarize your spiral surface with some boxes. Making a box from that previous mesh faces is not a good approach - the size of all mesh faces is not equal - meaning you will have different mesh boxes, and more importantly: not all mesh faces have four vertices (there are some with 3 too), meaning you can’t create a box which will have 6 vertices. Even if you would have all your mesh faces to be quadrilateral, the box generating points would need to be in counter-clockwise bottom-top order, which is not easy to achieve.
    Instead of this, check the attached component at the bottom of this post. It planarizes the initial Spiral surface with panels, and then makes boxes out of those panels (extrudes them).
  • There is a difference between the way rhinoscriptsyntax functions work in RhinoPython and in grasshopper. In RhinoPython you would just call a certain rhinoscriptsyntax geometry generating function and it would add the geometry to the Rhino document (meaning you would be able to see it in Rhino). In grasshopper, the fact that a certain rhinoscriptsyntax geometry generating function had added a geometry to grasshopper document, does not mean, it will be visible (in Rhino). You have to add it to some list/reference it to the variable, and then reference that list/variable to particular output parameter. Example:
pt = rs.AddPoint([4,2,0])
a = pt
  • Do not set your output to grasshopper document geometry (geometry = ghdoc.Objects.Geometries). Use variables/lists instead to reference/add the geometry to them (check back the previous point for further explanation)
  • Do not use rs.EnableRedraw(False) function in Grasshopper. Grasshopper uses display conduits to render objects not an actual Rhino objects, so there is no need to disable screen redrawing (like you would do in RhinoPython). It can actually slow down your grasshopper components solve time.
  • I can see you used the meshing solution from here. I would be grateful if you could post back there, and comment that the solution works.

test3.gh (13.3 KB)