Uncontrolled Camera Rotation


I’m working on an an animation that uses “camera to path” and “target to path” view constraints. For some reason, the camera rotation angle changes randomly at different points along the timeline. Is there a way to lock the camera rotation angle to 0? Has anyone else run into this problem? For some reason this problem is present on one machine, but not another. Thanks for any help. Rhino 5 SR9 Bongo 2.0 latest service release.


I usually use also “camera to path” and “target to path” view constraints. I set the camera rotation angle to 0 in the keyframe, as for the path constraints.

Hi Travis, hi Alan

I’ve run into much the same problem as Travis.
Travis: have you found a solution by now?
Alan: could you maybe elaborate a bit - I believe I’ve been checking and setting camera rotation in the Keyframe Editor - but it keeps changing.

I may need to add - I am new to the Bongo, please excuse me if I’m missing an obvious point…

Best and thanks


Hi Lutz,

Honestly, I’m not totally sure of how to get past the problem. What I finally decided was that it was a bug in the newest build. Luckily we had the .msi of the older build so I just reinstalled it and I didn’t have any problems after that.

Before I did that, I tried the same thing you are describing here about manually trying to set the camera rotation to 0 at all the keyframes, but It didn’t’ seem to make much of a difference. It was almost as if something in the tweaning settings caused the camera to rotate. It was frustrating, but when I installed the older build, I didn’t’ have that problem.

Here is a screenshot from my downloads folder:

I found that I had this problem with build 20140525 but not with 20140205

Apologies for not being more helpful than that.


Hi all,

We’re working on fixing this problem.
Any chance that you guys could send me the models you’re having this problem with?
So that we can use them for testing and making sure we’ve fixed the problem.
You can send the models directly to marika.almgren@mcneel.com, but if they’re big in size please send them through:

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello, I had this problem today (13 March 2017), I am also using version 25/05/2014. I am using the “camera to object” and “target to object” constraints. I have spoken to Marika about it but so far I have had no solution. I can only tell that the rotation of the object affects the rotation of the camera. Changing the rotation of the camera to 0 for each keyframe does not do anything, as it does not save the corrected keyframe.
Thanks to anyone who has a solution

CD, could you?
luc@mcneel.com or marika.almgren@mcneel.com or http://www.rhino3d.com/upload

Hello Luc,
I just sent an email to you and Marika. I also sent an email regarding the same issue to ‘tech.eu@mcneel.com’ on the evening of 13th March 2017 and a private message to Marika on the same day, which included a model. That is from a similar thread: Camera rotation goes nuts
Thank you for your help

The (long distance) communication between Marika and myself needs optimization. We are not yet (since Marika’s return from maternity leave) used to share our angle of incidence in the support. I’ll contact her and will surely look into the matter.
Sorry and thanks for your trouble.

Hello Luc,
Thank you for your response. I am a very new user of Bongo and I apologize for being unaware of the physical distance between you and Marika. You have both been very helpful with my recent enquiries and I appreciate it.
It transpired that it was due to an older version of Bongo 2. Marika sent me an update for it, and the animation works fine with it.
Again, thank you sincerely for your support, I appreciate it very much. Keep up the good job.


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I run in the problem too. The reason seams to be the basic integration of the Rhino camera. Could it be fixed? Maybe for Rhino 6?

Here a screenshot - moving the camera from left to right over the upper pole cause a turn.

Example: I’m working on an animation where the camera fly around an object and finally look upward in the top opening. It’s a problem. My solution was to avoid to look 100% upward. Could be great if this situation could be avoided.