Unconstrained rotation of view?

is there a way to implement unconstrained rotation of the view in Rhino 7 like found in most modern CAD programs (ie: no construction plane or view port constraints) ?? literally a “global view port”… new to Rhino, I find myself fighting with apparent construction plane and/or view port constraints while rotating the user’s view of global geometry.


Have you tried a Perspective viewport? The view point and direction can be panned and rotated in any direction in a Perspective viewport.

The viewport arrangement can be customized. If desired you can have only one Perspective viewport. Multiple perspective viewports are also possible with independent control of the view in each.

Video with basic information about the Rhino interface including manipulating the view: https://vimeo.com/58212839?interface_basics_win


thanks for your note! currently using a single large Perspective view with no grid and I’m unable to rotate in the unconstrained manner provided by my CAD programs. the view seems to be rotated about a fixed point some how connected to the global geometry… multiple perspective view ports is a potentially very useful functionality I wasn’t aware of. I’ll watch the video carefully to make sure I’m actually doing what I’m intending.

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Rhino has options for how view rotation works. To change the global settings:

Options command > Rhino Options > View

Is Auto adjust camera target after Pan and Zoom checked?


didn’t realize “options” needed to selected via the command line. changing to the “Classic V2 style rotate relative to the view” fixed my situation and the rotate functionality is exactly what I become accustom to in the CAD programs.

thanks for your help; being able to rotate things gets me almost to the point I can use project driven discovery to learn the application or at least the surface capability it was purchased for!