"unbend" volume and its section


Ladies and Gentlemen,

it’s been a while that I was using Rhino, now I feel a bit lost.

I remember using Rhino, to “straighten” shapes to get sections from it. But don’t remember how.

Lets assume I have a S-shaped snake. What I’d like to have is a straight section of that shape along its spine.

As I remember I drew that section-“spine” then selected the objects to “unbend” in reference to that spine. So basically a developed elevation of that section plane.

I hope you can understand my problem and can help me to remember how to do it.



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi T- Flow, might, possibly, do what you are after.


(David Cockey) #3

Method I’ve used to “unbend” shapes:

Create a curve which is bent the same as the shape you want to straighten. For a “snake” it might be the centerline of the snake.

CageEdit, select the snake as captive object and the bent curve as the control object.

Straighten the curve by moving control points. SetPt may be useful. The snake will straighten as the curve is straightened.

ReleaseFromCage to release the snake from the control object.