Unable to view material of the polysurface in the rendered view

I need to fill the wood material in the chair… but the backrest (which is a polysurface) is not showing the material in the rendered mode, while the other parts of the model(which is a mesh) is show.

(also, there are two mesh -of the cushion of the chair [if you select the cushion, another one below it gets selected as well] and i am unable to split them. If someone can help me out with it? I have attached the link of the model for the same)

This is the model:

Thankyou in advance!

Hello - see how this looks - I imported the ‘Scotch pine’ material again and made sure to save the textures with the file:

chair (1).3dm (7.6 MB)


Thanks for your reply.

I checked and made a tick on that option. But it still doesnt work.

I am still not able to add material to the polysurface.

Hello - do you see a material on the object in the file I sent back?


Hi -
No I don’t see any material. It just shows solid grey color.

Hello - just to be sure, please open Options > View > Display modes and reset the Rendered mode to defaults. Does that do anything? If not please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and paste the results here.


it worked! I see the material on it now… But was wondering why does the material appear differently on the mesh (legs of the chair) and the polysurface (backrest of the chair)

I need to make it look coherent.

PFA image.

Hello - you’ll need to apply some custom mapping - probably Box, to the objects to get the grain running the way you want.


Hi! Thanks a lot for your response.

Is it possible to divide the texture mapped on an object without dividing the object?

In the picture attached, the wooden piece is one mesh but i want the circled part to have grains running in the other direction.

The Chair.3dm

Hello - you can try the and Unwrap & UVEditor