Unable to start Rh 6 - License issues

First off, I’m on a plane with gogo in-flight wifi, so there could be some network fussiness going on - but I am unable to launch Rhino 6 Beta. It gets stuck on the splash screen “Retrieving License from License Manager.” I was using it successfully earlier in the flight - but no amount of disconnecting and reconnecting seems to fix the problem. I can successfully log-in to my Rhino account via a browser no problem. Anything I can do?

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I’m unable to log in either. I even have active internet connection. Today it just doesn’t work.

Hi - in his post above, Andrew mentions that he is able to log into his Rhino account.
Are you having problems logging into your Rhino account or getting Rhino to start? Are you getting any error messages?

Hello and thanks for the prompt response! Apologies to Andrew for posting in the wrong thread!

It’s stuck at “Retrieving License from License Manager.”
Once it’s finished it asks for a license “Rhinoceros 6 Needs a License”.

Are you able to log into and see your license at accounts.rhino3d.com?

Yes. 1 Seat available, 0 seats in use, educational license.

That sounds good.
Back to Rhino, then.
When you start Rhino, do you get the following dialog box?

You then click on the top button?
Then, what happens?

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Hah! The window where it wanted to connect to the web appeared behind my other 15 programs that are currently open. I verified my identity and it worked. Thanks a bunch!

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