Unable to select anything

Hi there.
Sorry for beeing a newbie, - I was trying out the make2d command, and watching a tutorial on layouts and tried out different stuff in my model. After that I deleted some layers that was added during that. Now, when I’m back to where I started, I cant select anything in my model - the layers are unlocked as far as I can tell.
Please help me!

If the padlocks next to your layers are all unlocked, try typing the “Unlock” command. Does that work?

Yes, my angel :wink: that helped. Huge relief here :smile:

Thank you very much!
How do you suppose that happened - all 57 curves in the boathull I’m drawing was locked?

Well, there only two ways of invoking “Lock”, either typing it or doing CTRL+L, I’d guess you accidentally did that. If you haven’t closed the document, you can review your command history by scrolling up in the command window, I usually have mine resized so that I can see the last 5-10 things I’ve done.