Unable to See "Veesus Point Cloud Render"

I am trying out Point Cloud plugin by Veesus. After following the installation instructions, I am unable to switch to “Veesus Point Cloud Render”. The only option shown is the default “Rhino Render”. Any suggestions anyone ?

I am using the correct plugin version for Rhino6 on Win 10 platform.


Hi -

You might have to contact Veesus about this. I see there’s a contact form on their website. Or, perhaps @nicki.taylor-johnson can help?

Thank you for the suggestion.

In Veesus website, they suggest going to this forum for help.

I also have reached to them through their contact webpage.

I anticipated that I would hear something back after one day.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi gchliu

Did you hear back from the team yet regarding your question? If not, I’ll ensure this is followed up today. Thanks.

Yes I have. It works now. Thank you for the reply.

Hi gchliu
I have the same problem as you, how did you switch to the veesus renderer?
Thank you