Unable to see layers

I’m a newbie to Rhino and I’m having teething problems. I can’t see any layers in my Layers dialog box apart from the ‘Default’ despite having a wire frame drawing in the working area. I’ve had a look around on the net and can’t come up with an explanation.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


Is it possible that the wire frame is drawn in the “Default” layer?
If not can you post an example file so we can take a look?


Layers aren’t automatically created when you create objects, you have to create them yourself. The standard templates do have 5-6 layers already created, if you used one of those, you should see more than Default.

The active or “current” layer (the one with the checkmark) is the one where new objects go when created.

HTH, --Mitch

simple stones and prongs.3dm (27.8 KB)
Hi Jordy,
I think you’re right and I’ve drawn in the default layer. I’m more used to Photoshop. Should I have turned something on before starting the project?
Thankyou so much for helping.


yes you only have 1 layer in the drawing. As Mitch told. Layers are not made automaticly (like in photoshop). You have to add a new layer each time you want to draw on a new layer.

Do you want every new object on a new layer?

Hi Mitch,
So I should be creating a new layer before each separate part of my drawing. I’m laboriously working my way through a ‘beginner’s guide’ and it’s not mentioned creating layers and, so far, i’m not using templates. However, I’m now being asked to work on layers that don’t exist.
Thankyou for your advice. I’ll redo my drawing creating layers.

It looks like I’m expected to change object layers next. So, I should be able to select individual objects and add them to a layer in the dialog box. Perhaps I can create layers and then add different objects to the newly created layers? Am I making any sense?
Again, thanks.

It is easier to add objects directly to the right layer when drawing.

  • Create a layer
  • Double click the layer (right mouse on the layer > Set current)

New objects are now created on this new layer.

You certainly can and you certainly are…

Rhino does not work at all like Photoshop,so it will take some getting used to… Layers in particular are more like “drawers” to keep items in and not ordered overlays as in Photoshop. In that sense, Rhino is structured like a classic CAD program, not an illustration/image program.

HTH, --Mitch

Cheers, you’ve been great help. I think it’s all sorted now. I’m on page 64 at the moment, I’m sure I’ll be back in touch before pg 443!