Unable to save as other formats and can't export PDF

Hi. I have a file with the size of 805mb and I can’t export it as PDF file. The drawing was shown on the preview but when I open the PDF file it’s blank and the file size is only 849 bytes. And when I wanted to save as Sketchup format to try exporting PDF there the Sketchup file is blank as well. I didn’t encounter this before and the first time I save this large file there was a pop out warning me that I placed a large amount of Rhinoceros…" so I think this should be the issue. Any idea how I can fix this?

the pop up windows is talking about the clipboard, when you copy and paste, is not related to the export/save issue.
maybe you can try with PrimoPDF which is an app that simulate a printer and the output is PDF

You can also try installing CutePDF and export using that.

Hi - does exporting a simple rectangle or box to PDF or skp work on your system?
If so, can you export parts of your bigger file successfully or does it fail when exporting just one item from that file. If you can successfully export parts, can you find out if there is one (or several) objects that make the export fail?