Unable to Refresh Licence for Rhino 6


We are encountering an issue with one of our users. They receive this message when opening Rhino 6.

Unable to refresh licence for Rhino 6.

McNeel’s licence servers could not be reached. (No such known host). Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?


Did you get this resolved?

Hello @John_Brock , I have to report the same problem. One of our employees using Rhino 7 for Mac, right now.

Is there any way how to make this work again? Also every now and then other employees using Rhino 6 for Windows complain about this. It would be nice to have a reliable foolproof solution. : )))



It might be helpful for us to see a screenshot (command+shift+4) of where this is happening.

Do you have any third-party firewall software or anti-virus software installed? (I presume System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall is disabled).

Did anyone resolve this? Thank you

Could be the same issue, right? It pops up from time to time and normally goes away after hours or days (yet is no fun).
I am using Rhino7 SR9, am connected to the web and the McNeel Servers are not blocked by our IT.