Unable to refresh 6.0 license

Just returned from a 2 day business trip yesterday and opened Rhino6 on my office workstation. Got an error message that Rhino is unable to refresh my license. Rhino still works but the clock is ticking. Opened again this morning and same message. What’s up? All other internet connections seem fine.


Ok this morning the license refreshed. But I am curious why the refresh failed at least 2 times.

I had this message today :


This new system is just a big piece of crap.

Just log in once and everything is ok

Everything is OK when you buy a sotware and can just use it, not wasting time with the program’s paranoïa.
We are ceaselessly struggling with plugins failing to retrieve licenses from the Zoo, spending time with the developers, IT guys, etc… instead of getting the job done, and now Rhino itself has it’s tantrums.
Paradoxically, people using cracks don’t have to deal with the vagaries of the “protection” systems like legit users do.

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