Unable to reach 2D Model

I have a 3D model that I had to add a clipping plane to. Then I made that 3D model into 2D and from what my professor showed us he said to select the clipping plane at the same time as “command” and it should allow for the 2D model to be selected. Because without doing this the 2D model isn’t visible. I provided the youtube link with the exact instructions that he provided. 03/02/2021 Module 3 Section Perspective - YouTube 24:13

Hi -
I’m not completely sure about the problem that you are describing - there isn’t a single question mark in your message.

When you use Make2D to create a 2D version of your model, you need to select the objects that you want a 2D version of. In the video, your professor highlights everything, including the clipping plane.
When you also select the clipping plane as input to the Make2D command, the clipping plane will still be selected when the command has created the output. Your professor then wants to move the output to a different place but leave the clipping plane where it is. On Windows, using the Ctrl key when clicking on the object deselects it. On Mac, you use cmd. With the clipping plane deselected, the output of the Make2D command is moved to a different place.

Depending on where your geometry - and the clipping plane - is in the scene, the output of the Make2D command might be visible or not. But that is only in viewports where the clipping plane is active.
Does that help?

Yes I was able to figure it out! Thanks! I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before. Do you happen to know why my stretch command isn’t working on certain lines?

Hi -

For different topics, please start a new thread. Also make sure to include a 3dm file and clear instructions on how to reproduce an issue.

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