Unable to project curves on a SubD?

Assuming this is a known issue, but couldn’t find in search.
Unable to project or pull curves onto subd objects. Can section, run intersections.
Would be nice.
thank you.

Project and Pull work if you preselect the curve and SubD. There’s an open item about this, RH-55250, and I added your comments… Thanks.

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OK great thank you for work around for now. Need normal method for changing settings of course.

Any news on this?
In the (7.0.20084.11445, 03/24/2020) looks like is still not working.

After the curve is projected onto the SubD is it possible that this (the curve) becomes part of the SubD? Is there a specific command?

This broke but has been fixed… https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57570

It should work for you again in tomorrows WIP.

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No, the curve is still a curve.

Could it be an interesting idea that the curves projected on SubD can become an integral part of the SubD surface? What do you think about it?

Hi @davide76
you can use Align>ToCurve to align selected Sub-D control points to the projected curve.
HTH, Jakob

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