Unable to place diameter dimension in side view of circle

select circle in top view where its a circle visible, extrude solid 1.1mm in front view.
I am able to select that circle, and use diameter dim no problem. it displays as 9.2mm
go to side view. select the circle as its there I need to show the diameter of the resulting cylinder to client, and it refuses to show, just flashing 0.00mm occasional 0.05mm.
How do I get a diameter dim in side view of a circle ?


Not sure you can, looks like the radius and diameter dimensions are just not designed to work that way.

Maybe one workaround is to place a normal linear dimension in the Front view, pull the dimension number outside the line and add a diameter symbol…

Or just use a leader.

how do I type a diameter symbol, ?

bit odd that by V5 diameters cant show in any side view when circle visible in top view !



I must try and remember Alt+0216, not something easily remembered.
hope someone adds diameter ability to circle seen in side view when its a line, still need to show client its diameter in side or top,.




Thanks Pascal,
what a great page.