Unable to pause scheduled Trigger/Timer on Mac

Starting a Timer (R6) or scheduled Trigger (R7) on Mac is rarely a problem, and it typically runs without a hitch. However, after ~10 seconds of the Trigger running, the GH canvas becomes so laggy and unresponsive that I am no longer able to even click the Pause button—it cannot even sense the mouse click, even if I resort to rapidly clicking on the pause button over and over. Eventually, all of Grasshopper/Rhino freezes, and I have force close the application. This never occurs on Windows. Global Timer Block in the menu bar also freezes, rendering it useless.

I understand that there are ways to code timers into Python/VB/C# components by Expiring Solutions, so I’ll likely have to switch over to that strategy, but I find the Triggers so elegant comparatively that I’d love to find a way to make them work.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you still have this problem? If so, can you share your solution?
One thing to watch is if your solution takes a long time to recalculate that it is causing the freeze.

Unfortunately I have not yet found a solution. It does occur on solutions that take a long time to recalculate. From what I can gather, unlike on Windows, the canvas does not appear to register clicks on the Grasshopper canvas during calculations, so it’s only possible to deactivate the timer if you happen to click during the narrow window between the calculation completing and the Trigger re-triggering—but even that isn’t wholly predictable when the calculation time is longer than the Trigger interval, as it sometimes immediately re-triggers. Some other users of the same definition on Mac have not had the same experiences as I have, so I’m not entirely sure.

@DavidRutten have you seen this issue?