Unable to Paste

A problem I have started to encounter is not being able to paste.

I do and get this:

I have not identified any pattern but it seems to only happen with large objects.

Is it possible that when you hit Cmd+C that it takes some time to copy those “large objects” to the clipboard so you need to wait awhile? Or maybe is the clipboard capacity limited on the Mac somehow?


It is taking a long time. I am waiting for it to stop spinning. Sometimes I get a message from Rhino that the copy has completed. Clipboard capacity might be the source. I have never done Mac clipboard programming so I don’t know the issues with it.

I add one more piece of information. I can copy and paste much larger selections within one file Rhino. I have only seen this when copying between files.

I take it back. I found that large paste with a file that did the same thing.