Unable to open cloud workshared model after Rhino.Inside.Revit was running in a session

Hey there everyone!

I hope this message would be read by the developers :smiley:
Once i’ve ran a Rhino.Inside.Revit add-in in Revit 2021 i can no longer open any other workshared cloud models. Restarting Revit completely resolves the problem.

Recovering by opening the model with inspection or with the worksets being turned off also doesn’t help and may even completely freeze the program. >.< Simultaneously Revit 2020 has no such problem on my machine. I have no idea if the bug issues also on the other machines :sweat:


This is most probably a DLL conflict with the cloud APIs. Would you mind testing a scenario that you open a cloud model Before running RIR and then opening RIR and see if you can still sync? I’m trying to figure out if the cloud dependencies gets loaded first, would it solve the problem or not. I have BIM 360 access on my side now so I can test more as well

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Hello! Thanks for respond. Sure, it is possible to sinchronize with the cloud after opening cloud model and then RIR

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Okay let me look into this and see which DLLs are potentially conflicting. Thanks a lot for the bug report!