Unable to merge coplaner faces


I have 2 faces that I know are coplaner and they will not merge using the Merge 2 coplaner faces tool. I needed those to merge because I had to move the face past one of the edges of the faces as you can see. Now have a little gap and cant do booleans to it. Thanks.

(John Brock) #2

Need a file.


top.3dm (1.1 MB)

(John Brock) #4

Something strange is going on here and I haven’t figured it out yet.
If you isolate this single trimmed surface:

It seems to have overlapping trim curves, and an isocurve that crosses over the open center.


It’s pretty easy to fix:

  1. Isolate the surface, detach it’s trim curves.
  2. Edit the trim curves so the overlap is eliminated,
  3. Retrim the surface

I also tightened up your tolerance to 0.0001" since the trim curve overlap was only 0.007" wide, and that’s within the order of magnitude of the tolerance.

(John Brock) #5

I see the problem now. Your rectangular pockets overlap by 0.007".

Looks like you might have some overlapping, coincident surfaces too.


Yep. I think I will rebuild from scratch, not too complex a part. See a way to repair the overlap so it is one clean plane?

(John Brock) #7
  1. Explode the surfaces
  2. Kick up your tolerance to 0.0001"
  3. RebuildEdges on all surfaces using default setting.
  4. Isolate and Trim surfaces as needed. I think you discover your confusing coincident surfaces in this process.
  5. Join the results