Unable to make angle dimension work in layout view

drawn two lines in Layout view, (detail views inactive), which are angled to each other, select Angle dimension command (which is _DimAngle) though I go Dimension>Angle Dimension) and it wont select any of the two lines.

What am I doing wrong ?


A bug !
the horiz line was same as a drawn grid line underneath, and as such it refused to select the drawn line, turn grid off and then it worked. I also had drawn the angled line following edge of an object, it wouldnt select it, only polys edges offered, move line away then it would select it. so did that then moved the entire lot back to the solid !

No doubt such are fixed by V7.


Hello- it is nearly always helpful, when reporting a bug, to upload a file that shows the problem.


Hi Pascal,
Its part of a massive very complex confidential file that I cannot let out of my hands. also its 80Mb size etc.
It would take me some time to strip out all but the items involved, time I dont have, right now.

It is simply that when there is a drawn line in the project, in detail view, and that detail view is active-off, a line then drawn over that line is unable to be selected when using angle command.