Unable to login from Windows 10 - CloudFront error


I’m trying to log into my Rhino Account to retrieve a license for Rhino BETA.
At first it told me the request could not be completed, then I got this error message:

The request could not be satisfied.
CloudFront wasn’t able to connect to the origin. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
Request ID: rt3RrG4AQXX0p70nnkoHMcEiQs9sy5ZnkgCj1No94UpDA_YhX0L2-Q==

I couldn’t even login to Discourse, so I’m writing from my iPad now.

My Rhino6 is running fine so far.

I tried on Windows 10 + Chrome/Edge, it’s a custom built PC, I’m not sure if it matters. There isn’t any firewall issues if I’m not mistaken, yesterday I had zero problems.

I’m guessing:

Hi @John_Brock,

I doubt it was an issue on my end, I haven’t changed a setting anywhere and it works again.

When I checked server status on our end and replied back, everything was up and on. There were no other reported issues from other users.

I’m not sure how long it lasted, but there is another occurance:

One or two out of how many tens of thousands that are connected every day? Connection problems happen - hard to know where, but since there was not an avalanche of error reports either here or to McNeel tech support, it’s most likely local.

As Discourse is not at all the same system as the cloud zoo license manager, it seems likely that you were having a local problem - especially if it just magically started working again after awhile.

As I said, I was getting the error message which I included in my initial post. I got the same thing when I clicked on login at Discourse. I’m not sure what the issue could have been on my end, when I didn’t change a thing in my firewall settings for months and haven’t changed since. No one else has access to this particular machine, only me. John said he haven’t seen any server issues on his end.

I’m not using Amazon CloudFront, I have no idea what McNeel uses it for, I was merely describing my experience which included both accessing my license for the BETA and logging into Discourse.

I’m sorry, but not being able to retrieve a license and use the program makes me anxious when dealing with my own deadlines to make a living, however statistically insignificant it might seem to you.

It could be a conclusion that whatever service Amazon was running inbetween us was having issues (I guess not many Rhino users around me during the weekend in this area), that they resolved in a reasonable timeframe, making the problem “magically” disappear…

Just saying that there are all kinds of routes your requests have to travel before they get to McNeel’s license server and/or other log-ins. I have also had Discourse not available here occasionally when others around the world had no problem. Same with the Rhino license, Rhino has occasionally not been able to get a license here when nobody else is having a problem, but it usually resolves itself on its own. It’s almost always some snag elsewhere than the McNeel license server. When that goes down, there is a flood of reports here within minutes.

Note as you said in your first post,

and then

They use the same license currently (i.e. the Beta uses your V6 license). So if V6 is running, it has successfully accessed the license.

You also have normally up to 14 days that Rhino will run without a server connection. You will get a message in the Notifications panel if Rhino was unable to obtain a license and how much longer you have left until the license connection will need to be renewed.

So, yeah, what can I tell you? Nothing is 100% reliable, there will always be issues, in my experience McNeel always does their best to get any issues that may occur on their end resolved as quickly as possible.

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I know, why didn’t the BETA start normally this time? :confused:

I recall having the login window and the window afterwards telling me, that I need a license and Rhino will now quit.

I know and appreciate this, I just wanted to understand what was happening, as no other reports were here and the other thread appeared a few minutes later than mine.

I have both v6 an the beta working now. thanks for the feedback!

The only thing I can guess is some temporary glitch with Amazon CloudFront outside of your of our control.

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