Unable to Loft between circle and planar curve


I’m modelling a basic wind turbine blade, consisting of airfoils and two circular sections at the root.
With the loft component I try to loft the entire blade, however, only the two circular sections and the airfoils loft, but no loft occurs between the circular section and the airfoil.

I tried to flatten the geometries to have the same list content but this did not work.

The script is attached. At the right you’ll find my lofting attempt

Does anybody have a suggestion on how I can overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Basic Turbine blade NACA airfoils.gh (31.4 KB)

Your NACA profiles aren’t closed. Set the P input of the Interpolated Curve to True. Then on the Loft component Flatten the C input.

You don’t need a special command.

Check this file it works.

Basic Turbine blade NACA airfoils.gh (37.6 KB)

Awesome, it works indeed! How did you set the P input of the interpolated curve to true?

Btw, thanks a lot for the quick response!

Right click on the input and select True. Alternatively you can create a boolean toggle and set it to True or a Text Panel and type 1 into the panel and connect it to the P input.

Got it, thanks again!

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