Unable to load rendering pluging build from VS template


I’ve built a x64 custom rendering plugin using VS wizard
and now trying to load in the Rhino5x64_d.exe
but it shows a series of error messages:

I’m able to load this plugin to official Rhino if I’ve built it as Release

I would recommend using pseudo-debug to debug your plug-in.

Rhino thinks you are attempting to create an extra instance of your plug-in class. This commonly occurs when you have a function that should return a reference to your plug-in, but you forgot to include the & character and instead are returning an instance.

When I load a pseudo-debug to Rhino5x64_d.exe it says me the following:

SDK debug Rhino will skip release plug-in …\PseudoDebug\NVidia.Iray.Rhino.rhp

Don’t load pseudo-debug in Rhin5x64_d; load it into Rhino5x64. Pseudo-debug is a non-optimized build of your plug-in that will load in a release Rhino. This lets you debug your specific plug-in code inside of Release Rhino.

Thank, it looks the way I can go,
btw can I disable all standard plugins in order to speed up Rhino loading?

you can disable several plug-ins, from Tools -> Options -> Plug-ins, but keep at least the Rhino Render, and the Rhino Toolbars and Menu.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Disabling plug-ins will not improve your start time unless those plug-ins are set to load at start. I would highly recommend not changing your settings if you haven’t installed other plug-ins beyond the ones that ship with Rhino.