Unable to load plug-in

my plug-in can be loaded before,but today unable to load suddenly.
(this plug-in is writted myself)

rhino have a hint like that.

It is going to be really hard to determine what is going wrong just from that screenshot. Can you think of anything at all that may have changed on your computer? Are you running in debug?

Is this a plug-in that you wrote? Has it ever loaded successfully?

yes,this plug-in is wrote myselt,and it can loaded successfully a few dodays ago.
i often running in debug.

I uninstall the rhino and install it again ,but still can’t load the plug-in.
then i uninstall the rhino using a antivirus software named 360,and install rhino again.
this time can load the plug-in now.

Are you saying that Norton AntiVirus 360 is causing your plug-in to not load or did you somehow uninstall Rhino using this software?

I uninstall Rhino using this software