Unable to load Lands.rhp plugin: application initialzation failed

From the plug-ins list, select “Tibidabo” and click on the “Install…” button. Then select the “tibidabo.rhp” file that you can find in this directory: C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Tibidabo
Do the same with “Lands Design” if it is not loaded.
Then restart Rhino.
Does that fix the issue?

It didnt. Unable to load Tibidabo plug-in

Hi, I realize now from one of your screenshots that your Lands Beta has expired, and for that reason you are getting these errors. Excuse me for not having seen it before.
We are going to release the next Beta version next week, but if you want to use an internal version in the meantime, you can download it from this link:
Just a warning: this temporary Beta version is not compatible with VisualARQ 2.2.

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Ah, Ok) Thank you very much for helping. I’ll wait for next week then.