Unable to load Lands.rhp plugin: application initialzation failed

I have this message since today. Any clue?



What version and service release of Rhino are you using?

– Dale


I think that the problem is that you have installed VisualARQ 2.1 and Lands Beta V on the same Rhino 5. They share a common library called Tibidabo, and VisualARQ 2.1 contains a new version (18.9, one that is also compatible with Rhino 6), while Lands Beta V is still using Tibidabo 18.8.

We’re going to release Lands Beta VI soon (with support for Rhino 6 also), as the development is already done and we are currently testing it. If you really need to work with both plug-ins at the same time, I think we can send you a WIP version of Lands Beta VI, just let me know.

It’s our fault to not release both plugins at the same time, but there were lot of interest in VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6, so we decided to release it, as there are no many user that use both plug-ins.




@enric thanks alot. I suspected it. I will wait for the update (btw, thanks for your very fast and accurate feedback).
Btw, we are going to update to rhino 6 soon, so it is great to see that all plugins are going to be available.


Hi Enric,
I was just wondering, does that include me too? :wink:

Hi @Elshar,

Sure!! Let me talk to the Lands developer next week. I want to make sure the current code is not crashing or corrupting files.


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Hi Enric,

Would you be able to send the the WIP for Lands Beta VI; where Visual Arq 2 and Lands.rhp will load together in Rhino 5. I have downloaded both 8-10hrs ago, and lands still throughs the error that it cannot load Lands.rhp.



Here is the latest installer for a WIP version of the Lands for Rhino (64-bit) BETA VI. This version is compatible with VisualARQ 2.1:

Take into account that this is a WIP version and it may fail. Please, report any issue you have with this version.



Hi Enric,

Thank you so much for providing the WIP version of Lands! It works great so far. I’ve noticed that the terrain appears as a wireframe in the shaded mode. Also, both the terrain and planting completely disappear in the Arctic mode, and the only way to somewhat show them is by turning on the mesh wires in the display settings. I’m not sure if it’s a Rhino 6 issue or Lands issue, but these are my observations.


Hi @clalanne,

Yes, we know there are still issues with Lands for Rhino 6.

I shared this installer with the intention to be used with VisualARQ in Rhino 5 (64-bit), but as the installer for Rhino 5 (64-bit) and Rhino 6 is the same, you can try it also in Rhino 6.


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Thanks for the reply Enric,

I’ve been using it in Rhino 6, it also appeared to be a glitch. I played around with the mesh display settings and it went back to normal.


Hi Enric, is still possible to obtain this version of Lands D? The link is not working anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

I’ve removed from the server the WIP version Enric shared. It was too unstable. I understand that was important to give something compatible with VisualARQ 2.1, but I prefer nobody else install it.
Next Lands Design version is very close, will work on Rhino 6 and will be compatible with VisualARQ 2.2


Hi, the new Lands Design Beta VI version, compatible with Rhino 6 and VisualARQ 2.2 is available for download: Lands Beta VI released


Hi! I have the same issue with new version since today. I also have VisualARQ 2.2 installed
Thanks in advance!

@egazeba what issue do you have? Can you share a screenshot? What Lands version are you running?

The last version from website -BETA VI
Here is the screenshot

Try this: Go to Rhino Options: Tools > Options > Plug-ins, and make sure “Lands Design” and “Tibidabo” are enabled. Check them if they aren’t and restart Rhino.
If problem persists, then try to uninstall VisualARQ and Lands, and install the last versions of each one again.
Let me know how it goes.

Doesnt seem to work. I uninstalled VisualARQ and Lands, installed Lands again and still got the same message, even without VisualARQ.

About TIbidabo igot this message: