Unable to join two poly surfaces

Hello I am trying to join the two parts of the bail for this pendant design. There are two parts of the bail and they are right next to each other but for some reason the parts will not join to make one closed polysurface. The bail is the design above the pendant design. Please help thank you.
flower pendant-proof,continue.3dm (6.3 MB)

No, they are not - they quite clearly overlap. Zoom in close for a visual inspection. When modeling such small objects - jewelry, product design etc. - it’s super important to make sure that all geometry - curves, surfaces etc. - are lined up, precise and within tolerance. Use nummerical input and Osnaps to make sure that it’s all neat and symmetrical (when needed, of course).
As long as the two parts overlap (in this case by 0.011mm) they shouldn’t join. Either a) Move the two parts, so that they are actually right next to each other, or b) Draw a line from 0,0,0 and up, and use that line to split the two tiny slivers off the main shapes; then join them
HTH, Jakob

Thank you very much @Normand!

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