Unable to Join Surfaces

I was wondering why this behavior occurs. At the bottom of the attached file I have two planar surfaces and a networksrf. The networksrf was create tangent to the edges of the planar surfaces. All the networksrf frames are normal to the planarsrfs.

Yet it will not join.

I’ve done matchsrf and it still not join.

In the next one up, I have cut out part of the planarsrfs and inserted an edgesrf. That works around.

In the top one, I have removed a frame used to create the bottom networksrf and I can join.

I am curious why the original, which is so close to the last one, is unable to join. This is one of several encounters I have where networksrf will not joint to an edge use to build the surface, even after matchsrf.

Problem Join.3dm 2.zip (480.9 KB)

Hello- CrvDeviation will tell you why Join does not work - but MatchSrf with Refine set allows a join - notice it adds some complexity to the surface.


Thanks for the REFINE info.

Problem Join 3.3dm.zip (673.3 KB)

I am curious why networksrf using an edge creates a surface that will not join to the edge.

I have attached a fairly simple set of surfaces and one curve to to fill a hole, but networksrf does not create something that will fit.

Your tolerance is set to 1/10,000". Set it to 1/1,000" and the surfaces join.