Unable to join surfaces generated with SWEEP1 that share the same edge

When I bake the surfaces they are not joined in Rhino, which prevents me from continuing with the project in GH. What puzzles me is that the center surface shares edges with the other two so should be able to join but doesn’t. SWEEP1.gh (4.2 KB)

Update: use this file isntead, sorry the first one was incorrectSWEEP1 rev.gh (9.4 KB)

Your sweep has a kink at the top. This is likely the cause of your problem.

okay, will look for cleaner ways to model this and see how it goes

oh sorry, i realized i uploaded the wrong file. Please see this one. There is no kink at the top and the center surface is made from edges of the other two. I can’t find a better way to generate the center surface. SO the issue is that brep join doesn’t work. The center surface remains unjoined to the rest.

SWEEP1 rev.gh (9.7 KB)

i udated the file, the one you were looking at was incorrect, sorry about that

i got this to work eventually with tolerance in Join BREP.

DUPLICATE THREAD? Looks like several related threads could have been avoided:

sorry about that, will avoid in the future! I wasn’t sure if posting a reply would bring the issue to the top or not, but i know now.