Unable to invoke Rhino.exe embedding after ReflectorVB usage only visible in TM process all users

Dear all,
I have been calling an exe as ReflectorVB using a service based in Java, I discovered that it’s impossible to invoke Rhino.exe -embedding and load it normally since it does not exceed the 30MB Memory allocated initally.

It’s like it does not connect and dowload something and load it around 100-150 MB.

There is an issue or a specific way to use a batch java application to call a reflecator that invokes Rhino embedded? Normal execution via DOS prompt landed it successuflly.

The difference I discovered it’s in the process called, Task manager shows it only in all user processes.

Any ideas how to replicate and solve this problems?

Thanks very much.

A partial solution is to execute the Windows Services Module with “Allow Desktop Interaction” TRUE, but with side effect as it must be executed as Local System user not LDAP one.

This is a more than a batch integration with Rhino -embedding GUI, and Windows Services. Thanks.

Hi @giovanni.espresso,

What is ReflectorVB and why do you want to use it with Rhino? What problem are you trying to solve?

More background information on what you want to do, and why, would be helpful.


– Dale

HI @Dale,
long story short, a third company developed a launcher to Rhino reflector, it reads some data and process automatically some file STEP output after writing a settings.set file.

I do not know the details of it, but what I know, based on logs, is that I call this launcher exe and the reflector invoke a RHINO.EXE -Embedding, and it should use their Rhino Plugin to load and process data I provide.

The software works on DOS command line, but when I run it via a Runtime from JAVA the process is like hidden and Rhino itself does not start up the the usual 150 MB allocation, instead it’s blocked without any splash screen on the server virtualised OS, stuck at 30 ash MB of memory allocated.

So the reflector cannot do is job to process drawings and it’s calculation.

If you need more info, tomorrow for sure I can provide, but I really do not know why if I dispatch a call embedded in a java JAR process, it fails to load Rhino.exe -embedding for some reasons, maybe due to some config in windows.

I really do not know, but either my software or theirs works, when called on DOS command line.

Sounds to me you need to look into Java runtime stack / memory settings.

there is not any issue there, because if I launch the same call java -jar … on the server directly on the foreground DOS prompt everything is fine.

I am asking here if the McNeel Rhino.exe -embedding could be run in the hidden task as it is, since it does not pass the supposed authentication on launch.

I am not sure if I explained well nut there isn’t any memory config that I could run, it’s a simple TASK that invoke a batch file that runs a java service to prepare drawings for 3D solid processing via Rhino Reflector

My goal is to automate this process without any user interaction since it’s running embedded and on a server.

Hi @giovanni.espresso,

Here are a couple of projects we are working on - perhaps they are of interest to you.


– Dale

Thanks @dale,
I cannot change the cascade workflow of the callee (Reflector + Rhino invoked embedding).

I am just a caller (consumer) via my J2EE service, my question is quite straithfarward, what is the reason why Rhino could not start when called as hidden process (not forground)? How can I debug it to see what’s wrong in Rhino invoke? I am using a Windows Server 2008 virtualized, and I do not maintain it, nor the Rhino integration.

I need to take their software as it is, unless I discover some issues on their side, but for now, as I said it, both the reflextor.exe and my app JAVA if launched by a shell DOS directly make the job done!

But if it’s scheduled in a batch execution I am unable to see the Rhino correctly invoked.

The only solution I discovered is to enable Desktop interaction to our module Services in Windows, since the Rhino.exe does need a sort of splash to donwload something at the startup.

This actually was the asnwer I was looking for, and if there is another way instead of Rhino.exe -embedding, a sort of silent mode without any GUI interaction, completely batch!

So is there a better way to launch this Rhino.exe in silent NO GUI?

This is why @dale suggested you look at:

You could create a console app or some other ‘controller’ to start Rhino completely without a UI.

You can also use vbscript for external access

Thanks @fraguada, I am not developer of the RhinoReflectorVB so @dale’s solution is not feasible:
(https://www.rhino3d.com/inside & https://www.rhino3d.com/compute).
I will pass the information to the other company, but I am not really interested in it, since I do not have any control nor action on the matter.

Thanks to everybody, meanwhile I will focus elsewhere.

A partial solution is to execute the Windows Services Module with “Allow Desktop Interaction” TRUE, but with side effect as it must be executed as Local System user not LDAP one, but this is a more integration with Rhino -embedding GUI, and Windows Services.