Unable to implement a wall design

hello grasshopper experts … i’m assigned to do this wall design, spending hours to implement it with my low knowledge and been searching for solutions, i should use octagons instead of that spherical shape(attached the image reference file)

. created octagon shape and tried to use point in breps by them
octagon wall.3dm (165.2 KB)
to select points in specific positions to make that standout, i guess it generally is not the way that this entire thing should be done, attached the grasshopper and the rhino file. if would be a great favor of you with your help . .thanks a lot
grasshopper parametric wall octagon shape.gh (18.1 KB)

Here’s an example of one way they could have made the image you posted.

It uses sines and cosines, which is why the humps are round. I don’t know how to change this to any other kind of shape, but someone else here may have an idea about that.
wavywall.gh (29.2 KB)


thank you very much for this … was very helpful … i’m waiting if somebody else has any idea about this …

This seems close to what you’re trying to achieve:

wall_design_re.gh (19.3 KB)


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i’m super grateful kevin, i guess this is exactly what i want… thanks a lot for the time you’ve spent on this …! god bless