Unable to get boolean to work keeps failing

Im trying to get my boolean to work in my rhino model but every time i do it tells me boolean failed. Could someone please help? I built my forms using grasshopper so i do have a script if it makes it easier to do in that way but im not having any luck. Although i got part of it to work on one of my two instances. They are similar but not identical. rhino boolean help maybe there’s another way to do this then im thinking but im having trouble. Any help would be really appreciated
cleaning up opera hall file.3dm (1.3 MB) cleaning up opera hall file gh.gh (22.0 KB)

I don’t know about GH but your surfaces are self intersecting

that’s why any split/boolean operation fails

I intend for the forms to intersect where the 2 over lap top and bottom im now trying to clean up that overlap on the inside

and all the other forms surrounding the 4 main forms are just geometry ive drawn to try and achieve said boolean