Unable to FilletEdge solid made from sweeps and planar fills


Having had boolean union failure then as advised by Pascal intersected and split and joined and remade the edge surfaces with sweep2rails, joined all surfaces, I am unable to fillet edge 0.02inch

why does an item made of joined surfaces refuse to fillet ?

I made a similar wingnut a year ago same methods and it fillet Edged ok.
unable to filletEdge.3dm (210.6 KB)


looks like the file is set up in mm.
→ Fillet 0.5 mm

there is some improvements on FilletEdge in V6 and V7

some fillet - stuff is documented here

for you case:
only joined edges can be _filletEdge
_showEdges (naked-Edges)
join step by step with selecting single surface by mouseclick (not rectangular selection)

the cone-like surface is multiplied many times …


→ check for closed PolySurface
→ FilletEdges fails - also in V7
But one forth is correct
to profit of the symmetry…

see screenshot and file

unable to filletEdge_0-5mm_fillet_rh5.3dm (1.3 MB)

and i love those butterfly nuts
to get a really nice design, it is important that surfaces and fillets are not thought as hierarchical, but a handled in conjunction:

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom,
it came from a decimal inch file in fact and fillet was 0.02inch, copied it out to as new file and forgot to choose decimal inch.

It started as a cone made with sweep rotate, then exploded delete the top and bott, two side shapes and sweeps and join surfaces together, it came up with a bug warning, had to redo one wing, and redo sweeps, slice cone in half, join it all together, then mirror it, join to cone then fill planar top and bott.

so where in all that has it caused filletEdge to refuse to recognise it as a solid ?

I run show edges and the entire side is naked edged, yet how can that be when it was made with sweep2rail and planar surface and more sweeps. I have been on this wingnut for days fiddling, redrawn it twice, , so I delete that naked edge side, mirror the other side across and get a geometry warning appear.

why when one side is mirrored to the other and joined does that appear ? if one side is ok then a clone of ok and joined shouldnt have that happen.
unable to filletEdge.3dm (153.3 KB)
here it is before mirror with copy=yes.

I used curves for both sides and end faces, there should be no naked edges.

I had done the trim, mirror join things to get this to not declare some geometry error.

Should it filletEdge, or is it that joined surfaces cant be filletEdged ?

The wingnut is recreating an actual item, dating to WW2. accurate to 0.01inch.


Dear Steve
maybe i am wrong regarding the duplicated cone-like surface

  • but i did not manage to join your initial surfaces to a tight solid polysurface.
    (named closed Polysurface in the properties, not showing any naked egdes with _showEdges)
    this is why i exploded, _untrimall the initial surfaces

the first version to the left in my file is a closed polysurface.

filletEdge (V7) still has problems with this.
the issue are corners with 4 surfaces and the tangential edge at the top.

the only chance you have in V5 i think, is to build the Fillets with _filletSrf
try a stepwise, hierarchical filleting - first egdes of a corner with 0.5, then 0.4, then 0.3 …


Hi Tom_P,
I start over with one wing side and after a mirror and a sweep2rail I get naked edge, I have posted separately on this as surely a mirrored item cannot declare naked on one of the two items that results ?

Is this thing bugged.
Trying to fillet this, maybe its bugged ?



I am taking a perfect wingnut fix from Tom_P , thus my workmanship or lack of is not a factor; and now doing a filletEdge.
I choose 0.02inch
here are the edges selected.

and here are the failed areas

The ‘funny’ areas are in fact holes, not even same at base, they differ. yet item is symmetrucal.

so what am I doing wrong ?
Wingnut perfect from Tom_P filletEdge fail.3dm (421.2 KB)

This is a recreation of an actual WW2 wingnut I have to do, and the d%$& thing is taking an entire week.


_filletedge in V5 might not be able to build those fillets.
in V7 it might work … but not guarantied.

you can build the remaining surfaces with
then with some _split _trim … _copy _mirror … finally … join

this file
Wingnut perfect from Tom_P filletEdge fail.3dm

the transition from the top surface / of the truncated cone is not tangent ! (4.9 degree… see textdot)

but within the tolerance and some cheating …

you get this

(all manual fillets, with _filletSrf one sphere and some _setPt and _matchSurface for cheating…)

Wingnut perfect from Tom_P_02_rh5.3dm (2.3 MB)

… and sorry - i will not have more time to spend on this topic ;-(

When I think back to how careful I was drawing everything, InterpCurve start tangent etc etc, and its non tangent, wingnut 1 me 0.
I see it in your drawing yet in mine it looks perfect.
So with that tangent sorted are we saying best FilletEdge is do a quarter of it.

anyone ?

That wouldnt have occurred to me, I would think why not all in one go.

Thanks for your time o this Tom_P.

I can see myself taking this , using Wingnut_Tom_P and never getting to the bottom of it.

I have already redrawn it several times,and still there is something amiss. I like to get it right myself, else one is cheating on oneself, never be afraid to hold ones hand up in class, even if it isnt cool, sod cool !

At least I can now progress.

hey ho.