Unable to fillet edge

I’d like to add a filleted edge to the “treads” of this shoe sole design (the exposed “sharp” edge). But any flavor of fillet edge (or chamfer) results in the error “Failure in building rails or surfaces”. Any ideas how to get around this?


shoe-tread-no-fillet.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hello- that works so far here at .01 radius - I did not try all of them though.
The one on the nose is a mess and needs to be re constructed -
if you are doing all at once, this one will fail and cause the problem, I am guessing.


Ah, model is in inches, but I’m used to working in mm. I was entering values too big (0.5 - looking for a 0.5 mm radius, not a 0.5" radius). Thanks!

(Yes, I need to deal with the nose piece…)