Unable to extract the profile of the wall

If I don’t edit the wall, I won’t be able to get the profile of the wall.
As shown in the screenshot, I had to create an opening in the wall on the left to be able to filter it out.

Hi Jack_Ma, If you have an unedited wall you can cast to a Surface and then a Curve (casting a Wall directly to a curve gives it’s placement curve)

Using this method, I can only get the outer boundary lines.
But I want to get the centerlines of both the inner and outer boundaries.

I don’t understand what you are attempting to do or why, these seem contradictory.

I want to number the walls based on the relationship between their inner and outer boundary lines. For example, these two walls have the same area and boundary line size, but the positions of the openings are different. I want to assign them different numbers.
Or is there a good method for classifying and numbering the walls?

This is pretty straight forward.

First Step is to identify all the potential variables.

In the example below we have 3

  1. a two digit number
  2. a charactor
  3. a three digit number

Secondly we create a Key using the format component. Prioritizing your most important variables to the front.

The key can then be used to identify unique combinations via the Create set component.

Identify_Unique.gh (11.9 KB)

What this looks like in practice.

Here we have 100 objects with our 3 variables.

R8-Variables.gh (14.7 KB)

Here i referenced the objects and created the Master Key, which could be applied to the object or ready to ‘do something’ via the set creation.

R8-MasterKey.gh (9.4 KB)

But I want to extract this information from the Revit wall, and based on this information, write it back to the Revit annotations for numbering. For example, this wall has an opening, and I want to include the size of the opening in the numbering information.