Unable to Export Blocks as STL


It must be an oversight, but blocks cannot be exported as STL.
Could that please be fixed/added?
If it is by design, I do not see why a block containing valid (meshable) geometry would not be allowed to be exported as STL.


I see that. I’ll get it on the list if it’s not already there. V4 didn’t either.

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The developer just look at this and there’s an easy work around.
Draw something, anything, like a surface, that CAN export as STL. SaveAs and Export fail when the file only contains blocks.

The bug, which will be fixed, looks through the file for things that are meshes or can be meshed so there is something to export. Blocks are not counted as meshable objects even if they are.

So in the mean time, make some meshable (or mesh) object that is not a block, and then do your SaveAs to STL.

Hi John,

Thanks for the insight and workaround, funny how peculiar these bugs can be.
The workaround does not work for exporting selections containing only blocks.

I just tested the fix for this bug.
It will be included in an upcoming service release for V5, probably SR7
Thanks for the report.

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