Unable to enter serial number license

I have used Rhinoceros for mac through an educational licence that my school paid for. Now that I am no longer a student I cant use that license anymore, and I decided to download a trial version of Rhinoceros for Mac that will be available the next 90 days. I received a serial number by email.

However, when I open the new downloaded version I cant enter the serial number. It seems like it is installed to connect to the school licence server. It says “Rhino for Mac 5 is installed as a network node”. I have tried to delete the old version and install the new, but it is still impossible to actually enter the new serial number, and the program shuts down. How can I change the settings so its not connected to a network node?


  1. In Finder, use Go - Go to Folder: /Library/ and browse to:
    Application support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/License Manager/Licenses
  2. Delete the LIC file you find there
  3. Start Rhino and enter your new license key
  4. Register and Validate the license.

Perfect, that was really helpful! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!