Unable to enter product key online

Here’s a situation that I guess you dont come across every day…

I have just reinstalled every rhino version from V1, including flamingo & bongo V1.
Why you might well ask?
Well partly because I have bongo & flamingo here, and cant use them except with older versions of rhino, and partly because early versions, that were released about when this computer was built, run extremely fast.

Anyway, I had saved all the service releases so they are all the last versions, except for bongo and flamingo. The later service releases are available on the website for download, but I can’t download them because:

On this gracefully fading away computer, among other little problems, the “Q” key has stopped working, and it happens that my product key(s) has that letter in the sequence.
So how have I typed it here? With the code for the letter - in this case ALT + 81 for a capital “Q”.
Now this works when entering that letter in this way when installing off CD, but it doesn’t work when trying to enter it online, where I need to enter it to be able to download the software.

Any ideas? (yes, yes, get a new computer etc…)


can you Ctrl+C the “Q” from somewhere and Ctrl+V into your form?

DUH! - no brain…Yes, of course I can. - thanks Jarek