Unable to create solid -- can't find where they don't intersect

Hello – I hope this will be a quick fix. I am trying to create [Edit:] two solids (previously: a solid) out of the body of an amphora and a subD handle that I have modeled to intersect with it. I am aware the main issue is usually a gap in the intersection: I have tried Intersect to find the error and can’t find it. I also can’t see any double volumes or sealed pockets of air that might be confusing the function.
Any thoughts? What am I missing?
LW_Test.3dm (611.2 KB)

The subd itself is actually open, if you want to join two solids you need to make sure they are both closed, or you can use the intersection curves to split the surfaces and then join them manually

Hello- use ToNurbs to make the SubD into a polysurface and the BooleanUnion to the other object.


That’s the thing, they are an open SubD and a closed surface before I make them into a solid and it’s always worked so far. (I don’t need to join them, just make them into a solid so I can take their volume). I’ve got about 30 previous examples with the exact same workflow and I can’t figure out what’s changed.

This worked in that it trimmed the excess of the handle, but I need them to be two separate objects. Trying to separate the booleanunion’d object along the curvature of the amphora body is a bit messy.

Thanks for teaching me about ToNurbs though :slight_smile:

Oh - in that case CreateSolid is the deal, just does not accept SubD objects, so yes, convert.


Really? I’ve been using it so far to convert subD objects intersecting with closed surfaces and create solid has worked with both…of them… fine…
Hang on.
Is this because of the update? But that can’t be, because literally before lunch I was able to create solid and after lunch I wasn’t.

Hm… let me play some more… Yes, I see it does the conversion to Nurbs - that seems fine, I’ll look at your file more closely, thanks.
@lwolf - it looks like a problem with the intersector’s handling of the subD/surface intersection- it gets an open curve on the lower one:

I’ll see if we can fix that, thanks for the example.
RH-68733 Open interesection curve with SubD


Thank you–converting to Nurbs and then doing Create Solid worked :slight_smile: so I don’t know what the issue is but if it happens again I have a back up.

Ahhh, thank you! So strange, that hasn’t happened on any of the previous amphoras. Normally when there’s a subD/surface intersection gap and I try to create solids out of the objects it will simply return one object instead of two or three: the formerly closed surface of the amphora body. That’s why “Unable to create solid” was baffling to me.