Unable to create guide line, chapter 14 tutorial: revolve curves

Apologies for what might be an obvious problem, but when I set up for the ‘flashlight’ tutorial, I am unable to complete the first step: creating guide lines. I have imported the flashlight.3dm file, have the points set up, and have Smarttrack turned on, Osnap set on ‘point’. Click on point, drag line, click and it’s gone. Spent an hr+ with no luck. Am I missing something obvious? V6 running on macbook air 10.13.6. Thanks in advance

maybe the shadeview is set to rendered which in most cases doesn’t show the curves.

Thanks Diego- Doesn’t SEEM to be the problem. Window set to ‘shaded’…

Perhaps you’ve turned off curve display in your viewport settings:


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Kevin, thanks - let me give that a try…