Unable to create Blades for propeller from point grid

Hello everyone. Guys, I am a newbie in Rhino, installed Rhino 5 only 4 days ago. I’ve been provided with 2 txt files containing coordinates of points for the propeller blade. I have tried to connect dots with free-curves manually and then generate a surface using loft, but I have gotten nowhere. Could you please help me out by giving instructions on how to create a blade) I would really appreciate it.
profile_curves.txt (11.7 KB) sections.txt (29.4 KB) hub.igs (1.2 MB)

check the commands
Based on the initial curves you have to “make them proper” before you build surfaces.
you might want to post a .3dm file.
and if it is a professional project, you can ask for help in the jobs section of this forum and pay for professional help. good luck. Tom

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Your points are in no particular order. Shit data.

The points are not aligned

propeller.gh (15.8 KB)

Hi Tom, thanks for your tips. It is rather in educational purposes, so I would rather try smth myself)

Hi Martin, could you please tell what did you use?

In that case, separate the points for top and bottom side of the blade. I used the patch command.

For the side of the blade, you can use sort along curve to get the points in the right order. I used the sweep2Rails for the sides. Extended the resulting surfaces to enable trimming of the patched surfaces.

Polar array for the copies of the blade.

Rebuilt the hub based on a section and performed a boolean union on everything.

I am sorry. How did you separate upper and lower points? I used patch and it generated a surface that is in between lower and upper points, and I did not advance any further(

I manually selected one side an doubt it on a different layer. Didn’t pay a lot of attention around the perimeter.

thanks, I will try.

Hello, I hope you are doing well.
How to make lines on the solid to disappear and get the object like you have?

try rendered or arctic mode

thank you