Unable to copy paste


when doing a Ctrl-C Ctrl-V upon paste I get this readout in the commandline:

Command: '_Paste
Read3dmViaTempFile() - Unable to get temp file name.

I’ll try and restart Rhino to see if that fixes it

OK a restart of Rhino fixed it.
Still probably good to let you know it happened…


It’s probably a good idea when mentioning stuff like this to explicitly state the Rhino version and SR as well as 32 or 64 bit, rather than expecting the McNeel guys and gals to guess what to try in order to see what you are seeing.

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I wonder if it is time to purge your TEMP folder…

Hi Dale,

A mere 64 MB so I do not think that to be the problem.
For now all is fine again, I’ll report back if anything odd happens again.