Unable to convert resthopper data

Hi - I’m getting an error from hops “unable to convert resthopper data” while trying to use a large definition which has some C# and python components. I’m getting a partial response (2 of the 3 geometry outputs returning curves)

it works as a definition and as a cluster.
running hops 0.16.0

2 ouputs that are coming into grasshopper: RH_OUT:TWEEN LINES, RH_OUT:ORIGIN CURVES
the output that isn’t : RH_OUT:IMAGELINES (but it still shows geomtry in the json just not coming into grasshopper)

my response json doesn’t show any errors and looks to return
solveResponse.json (9.0 MB)


I can’t post full script, but can send partial if helpful.

The 9.0 MB JSON file is useless without code that reads it, eh? Hops code.
What do you see if you connect text panels to the outputs?

hey - here is the value out

The JSON file is semi readable, the object data looks correct for the return type to make what i’m expecting - it should be producing rectangles.

its unclear to me where the issue is with what HOPS is expecting because it looks like everything is being returned in the json object.

process of elimination, started working backwards moving things outside the scriptand found that something about this highlighted group seems to be culprete of the error - at least if i return the rectangles, if i output the driving values and move this construction of rectangles outside the hops definition everything works correctly.