Unable to cast object of type 'Aviary.Wind.Graphics.Fill' to type 'Aviary.Wind.Graphics.GradientLinear'


Aviary looks so promising. I am having problems with filling either a closed curve or a brep with a linear gradient. I get the following error when I attempt to use either the View Drawing component or the Drawing to Bitmap component, while using a liner gradient as the Graphic input for the shape.

  1. Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type ‘Aviary.Wind.Graphics.Fill’ to type ‘Aviary.Wind.Graphics.GradientLinear’.

If I can get the gradient fill to work properly, Aviary could be just the tool I’m looking for.

Any thoughts?

Hello! Were you every able to solve this issue? I’ve been having the exact same issue… with no luck fixing it.



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No I was not able to solve it and had to go outside Rhino/GH to use Adobe Illustrator to get the gradients I wanted. I imagine Inkscape could do something similar if you need an open source alternative.

Looking forward to the Gradient Hatches in Rhino 7 being enabled in GH.