Unable fix naked edge

I’ve got this open polyface that I need to close so that I can 3D print. There were numerous naked edges that I fixed with the surface from edges tool. There is one last naked edge that I am unable to fix and I’m a little unsure as to why. I’ve used DupEdge to make sure that curves are aligned but that hasn’t worked. I’m also running into an issue with one particular surface that is next to the edge where I simply can’t rebuild it with surface from edge tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PanelPrint.3dm (2.1 MB)

There is a bad surface. ExtractBadSrf will identify it and extract it from the polysurface.

Here is the fixed model. As @davidcockey said, there is one bad surface and another three whose edges are not close enough to join well within file tolerance (in red below).

I exploded the model, deleted the bad surface, used RebuildEdges on all then joined it back up and checked for naked edges. I then built the new surfaces by extracting some edge curves from the originals and adjusting them slightly so that they match the neighboring edges. Then I joined all back up.

PanelPrintFix.3dm (5.0 MB)

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Thank you so much this was very informative!

Thank you!

see this video-